“I have collaborated with Josh Law and Flood Marketing on several projects. What sets their work apart is their process. My experience is that Josh and his team have gone the extra mile to connect with the people impacted by a brand, a campaign, or a website. I believe that the ultimate impact of their final product directly results from a quality process, from taking the time to connect with people and understand their needs and aspirations.”

Mitch Craft

Sheridan County School District No. 2

“In the past seven years while working with Flood Marketing, I have always found their professional staff and services to be top notch with delivery on what was discussed, proposed and agreed upon. I first sought out their marketing services with my private business to assist me in not only learning the then new approach to social media marketing, but in managing my account as well. Flood Marketing’s quick response to comments and likes, updated photo sand daily posts kept my page looking fresh and encouraged the interaction that I was looking for. All this was done while I had my attention elsewhere with the daily operations, as the Flood crew grew my business and popularity within this new social demographic.”

Chad Franklin

Weed & Pest Technician